The Hacker Academy HA-3
Hacker Academy-CompTIA A+ or Security Plus (3 Tokens Bundle)

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As cyber threats evolve, the need for experienced and educated information security professionals is growing rapidly. The THA Security+ Continuing Education Bundle is the perfect answer for CompTIA Security+ certified individuals who are looking to keep their credential current without the commitment or cost of pursuing another certification. This course is designed to prepare Security+ certified professionals for the next step of their career.

Bonus: Additional 1 Webinar CEU

In this 49-hour course, students will learn multiple facets of the art of pen testing. The main objective is to ensure participants are exposed to the various types of environments they may be in and to demonstrate the appropriate tools and techniques used during each. Every module includes an on-demand lecture presented by active cyber security practitioners with years of real, on-the-job experience. The lectures are paired with immersive labs where students can practice the skills they’ve learned in virtual environments. These labs include directions, which walk through set up, and execution of the respective lab.

Finally, at the conclusion of each individual module, student comprehension must be demonstrated with a short quiz that reflects content covered in the lecture and lab.

*This Hacker Academy CE bundle is considered a pre-approved course for anyone holding the CompTIA A+ certification as well.